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I can truthfully say that architecture is in my blood and has been an important part of my entire life. The year I was born our family moved to Boston, where my father was studying for his graduate degree in architecture. Soon after graduation we returned to Houston, where I spent some of the happiest times of my childhood accompanying him to his office or to various projects.

Growing up in a creative environment was inspiring as he shared with me the importance of design through his profession and the making of thoughtfully built objects at home. He always stressed the importance of being inquisitive and observant, and to thoroughly understand how a thing or a system worked. This way of thinking inspired me and helped mold my methods of learning and my wider approach to creative problem solving.

I have always loved to draw and create. I left college with a degree in fine arts and a passion for sculpture. Sculpture united the making of an object with a thoughtful underlying idea. I savored the challenge of combining and connecting multiple materials and exploring how to bring together dissimilar objects successfully. At the same time, as I began to create works that were functional and related to the human scale, I wanted to explore these relationships further. This led me to architecture, with new ways to combine my love of juxtaposition and the cross-pollination of ideas in a collaborative environment.

These methodologies guide me in architecture, as I seek with each design challenge a thoughtful and deliberate way to put ideas and materials together to create architecture that is exciting, unique, and responsive.

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