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Before I studied and began to work in architecture, I worked as an editor on documentary films. I loved studying all of the available footage, choosing the right shots and sounds, and assembling them into a form that told a story. Sometimes, the shots got assembled one after another, describing a linear narrative. At other times, the shots and sounds were arranged to convey an atmosphere or a sense of place. I loved both types of work, depending on what was required to tell a given story.

Over time, I realized that once the film was complete and viewed, there was nothing substantial left, either for me or the viewer. It was as if all the months of work that were required to compile the film never happened. I wanted to find a way to continue the work of studying, choosing and assembling something from a variety of components into the right product, but to have it result in something that would have a lasting effect on people's lives.

I've found that work in architecture, which gives me the great opportunity to ask questions every day and then take the time to study, choose and assemble answers to problems. Sometimes these questions are about how a space layout might best serve a client group, facilitating their workflows, maximizing the use of their space in a way that is clear, understandable and inspiring to the users. At other times, the questions might be about how to design a wall system that best insulates a building, minimizing thermal bridging to reduce energy consumption. Through my work on educational projects, I've gotten to help shape school facilities and libraries and understand deeply how to craft them to support learning and student engagement. Through these same projects, I've gotten to focus on making choices that support energy efficiency and sustainability so that we're not just designing a good building, but a building that?s good for its users and good for the rest of society.


Space Use Study
Macalester College

Firestone Library
Princeton University

Learning Theater
Teachers College, Columbia University

Kennedy Library Master Plan
California Polytechnic University

Fenwick Library Expansion
George Mason University

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