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As an architect, my design approach reflects the values instilled in me growing up in a family of educators: by my mother, a violinist and music teacher, and my father, a leader in the advancement of campus life programs. From those roots I developed not only respect for learning but an affinity for environments where learning occurs, whether working with an educational institution on a planning or building project or mentoring young members of the design professions.

For me, the most interesting aspect of architecture is the appreciation of the ways in which people interact, learn and create, and the design of environments that respond to these activity patterns. The dual challenge in designing learning environments is to create memorable spaces that can be embraced and personalized by their communities while being flexible enough to evolve over time as institutional programs and priorities change.

Whether big-picture planning, detailed programming, complex problem solving or creation of a single, bold design gesture, my practice seeks to engage learning communities in the process of creating environments that are truly reflective of their culture and responsive to the way they work and learn.


Library Master Plan
McGill University

Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center
Phillips Academy

Cabell Library
Virginia Commonwealth University

Hesburgh Libraries
University of Notre Dame

Firestone Library
Princeton University

College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce
Philadelphia University

Hayden Library Master Plan
Arizona State University

Anderson University Center
Hamline University

Conaton Learning Commons and Williams College of Business
Xavier University

Worner Center Renovation
Colorado College

Robert W. Woodruff Library
Atlanta University Center

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