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My father was an architect in Abilene, Texas, so some of my early summer jobs were in his office as manager of the blueline printing department, which included running prints, binding sets, and properly folding submittal prints. Eventually, I graduated to parallel bar and triangles, while practicing hand lettering and Leroy lettering, but I was always fascinated with how things were put together and gained an understanding of how a building evolved from concept to reality.

In high school summers, I worked construction jobs, from common laborer, working up to mason's helper. The field experience helped teach me how important it is to clearly document and communicate design intent on paper for those who must execute the design on the job site.

My greatest professional satisfaction comes from guiding the process from design through construction and delivering a project that exceeds both client's and users' expectations. Two of the most challenging projects were the renovations to the primary spaces at the Fondren Library at Rice University, and complete gut/build-back for the State of Texas' Laurenzo de Zavala Library and Archives Building in Austin. Both buildings remained occupied during construction; both had an excellent project team; and, at project completion, both clients were big fans of the design team. And that is what makes it fun for me.


Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II
University of Houston

Health and Biomedical Sciences Building I
University of Houston

Fondren Library
Rice University

Residential College renovations
Rice University

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