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As a child, I was fascinated by the show This Old House and pictured myself renovating and remodeling right alongside the team. This is really what set my career in motion and I was soon building decks, refinishing basements, and even drawing up floor plans for my friends.

For me, problem-solving has always been something of a Catch 22. I'd love to know the consequences of every decision before I start, but of course you can't know everything until you're done. I truly value the time spent on the boards designing and detailing; living through the construction of those designs; and reviewing obstacles with the team. Documenting the lessons learned from my mistakes, as well as from my successes, gives me an arsenal of information to draw from the next time I start a new project.
I have been lucky enough to work on a variety of fascinating projects, including archeological dig site enclosures, iconic public libraries, and large hospital renovations/expansions, each of which presented its own set of challenges. More often than not, challenges you're confronted with on sophisticated projects are just too complex to solve by yourself. You need a good team. I'm a firm believer that getting the right people into the same room for face-to-face discussions yields a far better result than ten parallel conversations taking place in a vacuum.

I am passionate about fully understanding the drivers behind complex projects and working closely with owners, contractors, and designers to make their vision a reality. In the end, if you're willing to do your homework, talk to the right people, think critically, and put in the hard work, you'll get to a great solution. I feel good about bringing this collaborative approach to each new project and believe our clients benefit greatly from the team's collective wisdom.

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