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I have grown to admire simplicity in the practice of architecture. In fact, in nearly every example of architecture that I find appealing, simplicity seems to be the common thread. Buildings designed by architects who I admire are generally modernist in style, simply composed, clearly organized, technically integrated, and elegantly detailed. Their work has an obvious clarity that belies the difficulty and effort required to create it.

As a senior architect, I have been responsible for executing many building projects of varying scale and complexity. In doing so, I have developed a genuine appreciation for designers with an ability to resolve complex issues with clear and elegant solutions. I feel fortunate to have been guided by teachers who demonstrated this ability daily, and who looked to me for the same, at every level of design. My greatest satisfaction has come when I have had opportunities to develop consistency in a detail language that not only supports the design idea but also reinforces it.

From my experience as both a technical team leader and a technical resource within the office, I know that simple solutions are easier to teach and to build. Constructability and design are inexorably linked. Construction reflects drawing, and drawing reflects design. The construction world demands simplicity and, by understanding construction, we reduce issues to their essentials and become more credible as problem solvers.

Simple design endures. The simple solution may not be easily achieved, but buildings that are designed simply can be more easily described, more easily resolved, more easily drawn and ultimately easier and more affordable to build.


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