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Solving the challenging problems is what keeps me inspired and motivated.

As the son of an engineer and a math teacher, I've always had an analytical tendency towards problem solving. Like most young boys, I was fascinated with taking things apart to see how they work and (in most cases) putting them back together. It was in my high school drafting class that I learned I could use my drawing skills to communicate complex technical elements, which set me on my path toward architecture.

It was serendipity and the specialization of my first firm that led me to become a healthcare designer. I did not know initially that healthcare architecture would become my life's work, but I was immediately attracted to the multiple challenging considerations of healthcare design. Around every corner, there is a riddle to solve or a knot to untie, from synchronizing of programming and operational requirements in the planning process to addressing the engineering demands of complex building systems.

I have spent my entire career focusing on the design of healing environments. In that time, one of my most rewarding experiences was the restoration of a quaternary care medical center, following a natural disaster. In 2008, this academic medical center was devastated by a hurricane and resulting flood. As a "first responder," I worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the hospital's administrative, engineering, and operations leadership to develop make-safe plans, in order to resume operations. From there, I continued the restoration and mitigation efforts, working with FEMA to develop hazard mitigation proposals, to provide permanent repairs and resiliency to protect the campus from future events. These efforts restored the vital need for health and well-being of the community, as well as the economic dependency for the city and region.

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