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Growing up without siblings, I was taken by my father, an architect, to visit buildings from a very young age. From these visits came my earliest understanding of architecture as an opportunity to explore and understand the different ways people interact with their environments. To this day, I approach each project by considering what sets it apart and how it will affect both its occupants and the public.

I never had any doubt that I would be an architect, but I wanted a liberal arts education first to approach the profession from a broad point of view. I attended Harvard Graduate School of Design as one of two women in the class, but I never felt that I was treated any differently from the men in the class. Nor did I sense any differences when I began working in an office. Today I see a changed world in terms of numbers of women in the profession. I am pleased if I was a role model to younger women in my own office to help pave the way to the success of women today in Boston architectural offices.

While my own work has been mainly focused on healthcare and academic science, I live in two houses that I designed with my husband"a renovated townhouse in the South End where we have lived for over forty years and a “new” house we designed in the ‘70s in Wellfleet, a magnet for architects since mid-20th century architects designed their own houses there.

At heart, I am a city dweller. In my first-year city planning course at the GSD, the assignment was to envision where you would like to live ten years after graduation. I wrote about bringing up children in the city. I later married the teaching assistant, and we brought up three children in the South End who later went on to buy their own homes in emerging areas of Brooklyn and DC.


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