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I never thought about being an architect when I was growing up.

My mother would say my architecture career began when I learned to draw. I made intricate depictions of little worlds filled with people, machines and animals that filled my childhood years. Strangely, though, I thought there was no way to make a career of imagining things and spent my teen and college years dabbling in other fields. I considered physics, economics, law and even geography. It took a trip to Rome to realize that imagining worlds of the past was pretty similar to imagining worlds in the future. And, as my mother predicted, with geography degree in hand I finally went to graduate school in architecture to gather the skills I would need to imagine these worlds.

What she didn't predict was how greatly my experience in these other fields would inform my architectural work. This eclecticism results in an awareness of context that enhances design. My inquisitive approach often involves investigation of a project's physical and social context using maps, institutional and demographic data, historical documents, interviews and other primary sources. When layered with traditional architectural studies of form, light, and proportion new opportunities are revealed. Consequently, my work features a highly considered relationship between site, program and facade that are tailored to create unique environments with each building.

As a leading designer at Shepley Bulfinch, my work spans multiple practice areas but is bound by a common belief that we must design healthful environments that interact responsibly with society and the natural world.


Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab
Harvard University

Marshfield Clinic Regional Medical Center
Marshfield Clinic

Fondren Library Master Plan
Rice University

Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II
University of Houston

Kaplan Institute for Innovation + Tech Entrepreneurship
Illinois Institute of Technology

Alfred R. Goldstein Library
Ringling College of Art and Design

Health and Biomedical Sciences Building I
University of Houston

Park Avenue Medical Center
Yale-New Haven Health System

Anderson University Center
Hamline University

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