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When I was in college, my neighbor in the dorm was an architecture major and I was premed - slogging through the core math and science classes. I remembered my art and photography classes in high school and that I had always loved drawing, design and invention. Architecture brought all of my interests together. My love of biology connected me to environmental design and the ecology and smart energy approaches we were so excited about in the 1970's. It is exciting to see them transformed into reality in our sustainable practice today.

Architecture and design serve as great outlets for my creative energy. They are always changing and challenging. Design is infectious; I can't resist the opportunity to improve or enhance on a situation, when I see the chance to make something work better or be more attractive to the human condition.

Having spent so much time in them, I feel very connected to libraries; libraries reinvigorate the heart of the campus - they validate and encourage the very real activities of learning and research. As an architect, I think differently about the role of the building in creating community and think broadly about how the library could integrate computing, collaboration, media, teaching, learning - and in the many ways a library affects all aspects of life as a student.

Our clients know what kind of future they want to inhabit - they have a blue sky idea of the future - our skills are in translating that into architecture and places and spaces that provide for their blue sky and more.


E. Craig Wall, Jr. Academic Building
Davidson College

Neilson Library Redesign
Smith College

Kaplan Institute for Innovation + Tech Entrepreneurship
Illinois Institute of Technology

Hackerman Hall (Computational Sci & Engineering) and Mason Hall
Johns Hopkins University

Firestone Library
Princeton University

Boole Library
University College Cork

New Central Library
City of Austin, Texas

Georgetown Law Sport and Fitness Center
Georgetown University

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