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Jennifer D. Wells

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Architecture has always been an important part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of my father sitting at his drafting table late at night, going to construction sites with him on weekends, and my weekly critique of the floor plans of high-end apartments in the New York Times magazine. I loved to imagine what it might be like to be in the three-dimensional version of a floor plan, and what I might have done differently in terms of views, the functional relationship of spaces, and the transitions between rooms. I'm not sure why I never became an architect, but my life and career have never been far from the world of design and construction. I've always been interested in why people behave and react in the ways they do, which led me to study psychology in college. On a whim, just after graduating I took a job as a model maker for Shepley Bulfinch, succeeding my sister who was headed to architecture school.

I was drawn to the marketing department, where my interest in psychology and human behavior intersected with my fascination with design and construction. After four and a half years with the firm, I moved to Philadelphia, eventually coming home to Boston, where I continued work in architectural marketing. Before returning to Shepley Bulfinch, I spent ten years as a producer for the long-running PBS series, This Old House, and was twice nominated for an Emmy award.

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