Shepley Bulfinch has led design innovation for close to 150 years.

We are a national design firm, creating spaces that answer today's demands and fuel tomorrow's ambitions. We are agents of change who believe in the transformative power of design, with the ambition, insight, and passion to deliver it.

Our clients say that we often understand what they are asking for before they do and help them achieve more than they thought possible. Working as a collaborative project team, we apply our design expertise to meet the complex challenges of our clients, leading institutions in the advancement of education, medicine, research, and practice.

Inspiration isn't constrained by disciplinary or geographic boundaries. We are a diverse community with a pluralism that makes room for diverse thinking. We work across our studios in Boston, Houston and Phoenix, inspiring and challenging one another in an environment and culture that are open and flexible.

Our design manifesto

We will drive design
beyond perceived boundaries.
engaging, critiquing, challenging, and
supporting one another in ways that
permeate all aspects of our practice.

Shepley Bulfinch is nationally certified as a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE).

Recipient, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Firm Award

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