Amherst College, Charles Pratt Residence Hall

Amherst, MA | 2007

The renovation and expansion of Charles Pratt is a model for the adaptive re-use of a historic structure. The Hall, built in 1883 as a gymnasium and converted to a geology museum in 1951, now accommodates 120 first-year students as a dormitory. The carved trusses and skylight of the original gymnasium were hidden above a false ceiling when it was adapted as a museum. Once again exposed in the renovation, the restored trusses, skylight, and monumental windows are now complemented by a spectacular sweeping staircase and, for rooms in the addition, views of the Mount Holyoke Range to the south. Unique bedroom configurations, large common rooms, and study nooks create places for students to relax, socialize, and study.

Together with nearby James and Stearns Halls, completed by the firm in 2005, Pratt Hall contributes to the vibrant community on Amherst's main campus quad.

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  • Square Footage: 52,000 s.f.

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