Arizona Star Developments, LLC, en Hance Park

Phoenix, AZ | 2016

enHance Park is a unique urban-infill residential building focused on thoughtful living - combining efficiency, connectivity and character. Situated across the street from an expansive 32-acre park and adjacent to nationally-renowned arts district Roosevelt Row, enHance Park offers direct access to a wide variety of Downtown Phoenix venues including local restaurants, retailers and art galleries. Conveniently located at the intersection of 2nd and Moreland Streets and only two blocks from the light rail, this 179-unit housing project supports dynamic urban living with a unique blend of unit types, including live-work spaces, flats, micro units and lofts.


  • Square Footage: 47,000

Shepley Bulfinch Team

Joe Herzog
Jonah Busick
Natalie Shutt-Banks
Ryan Grabe
Daniel Griffin
Connie Jiang

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