Boston Children's Hospital, Berthiaume Family South Clinical Building

Boston, MA | 2005

A major addition to the Children?s Hospital Boston campus, the award-winning 11-story Berthiaume Family South Building contains the most advanced medical technology available, including the MROR, the nation?s first mobile, intraoperative imaging system of its kind. This complements a healing environment designed to support young patients and their families while enhancing communication and staff productivity. The addition laterally expands the functions of the Berthiaume Family Building, unifying new and existing facilities so they function with minimal separation. It includes two family-centered intensive care units: a cardiac ICU and medical surgical ICU.

The Berthiaume Family South Building is a landmark in the hospital?s 100-year partnership with the firm. Project challenges included building on a tight urban site that required the relocation of underground utilities and a street. The project implemented a core component of Shepley Bulfinch's master plan for the medical campus.


Shepley Bulfinch Team

William Mead
Ana Ortega Martins
Carlos Melendez
Charles Osborne
Arto Kurkjian
Wei Li
Uma Ramanathan
Peter Bracciotti
Joseph Bettencourt
Bruce Cole
Gary Davis
Ken Gard
David Friedman
Duncan Grant
David Gill
Dorothy Haney
Alison Hill
Mekdes Hagos
David Lund
David Meek
Shelley Lee
Greg Heiges
Glen Pacheco
James Oglesby
Albert Tappe
Son Wooten
Jiawei Wu
Christopher White
Yili Zhong
Diana Jackson
Yar Laakso
Christian Moneyhun
Samantha Dunn
Michael Kalustov
Neil Sirois



  • 2006 Award of Excellence, Modern Healthcare Design Awards

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"This building is vital in order to update and to grow the critical-care services that we are being increasingly called upon to provide. It will allow us to continue to focus on our vision of being the pre-eminent pediatric institution in the world." - James Mandell, MD, President and CEO, Children's Hospital Boston.

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