BSH Corporation, Corporate Training Center and Showroom

Scottsdale, AZ | 2008

This award-winning facility for one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturers advances the BSH brand with clean lines and a distinctive form. The gallery required that the demonstration kitchen for each of its four major brands be unique and distinct, while creating a continuous and cohesive visitor experience. The lobby and other “unbranded” areas are clean, white, and sleek and give way through a shift in horizontal and vertical planes into the brand areas. Linked to the Scottsdale resort experience, the training center is designed as a destination unto itself, providing classrooms and laboratories for corporate instruction, as well as food-service kitchens. The National Training Center is part of an ongoing effort to solidify the company’s North American pre-eminence.

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Under the Desert Sun - Interior Design magazine, March 2009


Shepley Bulfinch Team

Joe Herzog
Alison Rainey
Chris Nieto



  • Merit Award/Honoree, Interior Design Magazine Best of Year (BOY) Awards, 2009

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