CA Ventures, UnCommon Student Housing

Eugene, OR | 2014

Located close to the University of Oregon, this 120-unit student housing complex provided a mix of much-needed student housing close to the campus. This urban infill development scales down from six stories to five as it mediates the transition of the West University neighborhood from an active medical and commercial area to the east and a long-standing residential community to the west.

UnCommon's distinctive facade draws inspiration from trees in a forest, using a mix of fiber cement, cedar, metal panels, and stucco across the exterior to create an organic sense of movement and shift that breaks up the fixed rhythm of windows and stories.

Its mix of fully furnished, 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom units includes two integrated townhouses that open directly onto the street. Amenities include interior and exterior gardens, a fireplaced study lounge, and first floor fitness center. Entrances are defined by two prominent portals that offer shelter from the weather. Bus rapid transit stops just outside the complex, which also provides generous bicycle parking. The highly sustainable project is LEED Gold Certified and anticipates a 43% reduction in energy consumption.

UnCommon is one of a series of high-end urban residential complexes that Shepley Bulfinch has designed for a leading developer of privately managed student housing. It is located blocks away from Eugene Public Library, which the firm completed in 2003.

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UnCommon - sustainable strategies


Shepley Bulfinch Team

Calvin Cangco
Tom Chinnock
Aaron Choi
Conor Dunn
Will Erwin
Daniel Griffin
Joe Herzog
Jeremy Kotter
Michelle Mantegna
Alison Rainey
Natalie Shutt-Banks
Jason Weldon



  • Student Housing Business Innovator Awards, Winner: Best Use of Green and Sustainable Construction/ Development (Off-Campus)

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