Carle Hospital, Heart and Vascular Institute

Urbana, Illinois | 2013

The Heart and Vascular Institute provides patients with convenient, comprehensive, and technologically sophisticated cardiovascular services in a new facility, an integrated part of Carle Hospital. Outpatient and inpatient cardiovascular programs are housed in the new Institute with a dedicated entrance and parking. Ambulatory clinics and non-invasive diagnostics, including nuclear cardiology, are sited on the first floor for easy patient access. Eight cardiac catheterization, EP, and interventional radiology labs on the second floor connect directly to the hospital’s existing surgical suite, while dedicated patient elevators connect it to the emergency department, cardiovascular ICU (CVICU), and other cardiovascular nursing units. An additional 136 patients beds allow the Hospital to replace older semi-private rooms with private family-supportive rooms and more efficient and adaptable units.

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A new home for cardiovascular care


  • Square Footage: 375,350

Shepley Bulfinch Team

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