Colgate University, Robert H.N. Ho Science Center

Hamilton, NY | 2007

The Robert H.N. Ho Science Center is designed to encourage interdisciplinary scientific research, collaborative teaching and learning techniques, and community outreach. The environmental studies program, the departments of geography, geology, physics and astronomy, and part of the biology department are intermingled rather than segregated by discipline.

The Center’s 96-seat lecture hall hosts speakers from all disciplines, and its 55-seat 3-D visualization lab allows students to tour a human blood cell or watch the birth of a star within a dark nebula. Home of the geology department museum (opening in 2008), the Center also contains a teaching greenhouse, a multi-instrumented analytical lab, and rooftop weather station. To make science visible, glass corners at all lab entrances give passersby a glimpse into the research space within.

The Center is carefully integrated with the fabric of Colgate’s campus. Its exterior is clad in locally quarried bluestone that compliments other campus buildings, and color variations in the stone provide a “pillowing” effect and a sense of depth. Since the Center is more than twice the size of any other structure on campus, its massing is broken into two volumes. Entries at all levels allow the community to use the building to navigate the site’s 40-foot grade change.
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  • Square Footage: 128,560 s.f.
  • Construction Cost: $47 million
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Shepley Bulfinch Team

Candice Beck
Joseph Bettencourt
Jonathan Betts
Joe Bille
Peter Bracciotti
Tom Bursey
Alex Bushkoff
Hannah Carlton
Courtney Conklin
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Ana Gordon
Julio Guevara
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Bob Nakashian
Laura Notman
Bill Riley
Dan Salive
Michelle Sheehan
Leslie Sims
Mark Stafford
Chris Timmerman
Kevin Triplett
Adrian Walters
Robyn Whittier
Jiawei Wu
Elise Woodward

"The new building, with its first-rate laboratory and instructional facilities, will enable us to recruit the best faculty and technical staff as well as the highest quality students. It is anticipated that the Ho Science Center will become the center of intellectual activity radiating the best of teaching and research and general education by the faculty for all Colgate students." - The late Charles McClennen, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Geology, Colgate University

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