Concord Hospital, Expansion and Renovation

Concord, NH | 2007

This expansion doubles the capacity of a community hospital with the state’s busiest emergency department, while providing decentralized nursing and discrete family areas in patient rooms. The expanded facility on this constrained site includes major expansion of operating rooms and Central Sterile Supply, and the capacity for future expansion. Acute and critical care rooms have the same dimensional module to ease future conversion or adaptation with limited disruption and cost. Designed with the patient in mind, the canopied entrance includes a waiting area overlooking a garden and the drop-off area, and a roof garden that is accessible from the ICU. Patients and staff have ample daylight and views, and garden courtyards create a natural buffer from the road. The LEED-certified project includes green roofs, native plantings, and maximized permeable surfaces, reducing storm water impact and minimizing heat islands.

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Concord Hospital cited in NH Environmental News
Healthcare Design: Using sustainable design to create a healing environment


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