Davidson College, E. Craig Wall, Jr. Academic Building

Davidson, NC | 2017

The New Academic Building gives Davidson a collaborative environment for teaching and transdisciplinary research and a facility that will flex to accommodate new disciplines that will emerge in the years ahead.

The building will be home to the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Environmental Studies, with two wings of teaching and research space and a 400-seat Forum at its heart. The Forum will be a convening space where the sciences and the wider campus community meet, with informal activities and a wide-ranging program of events. The atrium in which it sits is a circulation hub for the complex, connecting the teaching and research spaces in the new facility to faculty offices in the renovated Chemistry Building.

Each of the 35 wet research labs can be reconfigured easily to keep pace with the changing nature of research, with write-up space, infrastructure for fume hoods and lab gases, flexible storage, and reconfigurable lab benches. Support spaces are located in front of labs rather than between them to connect without interrupting collaboration between labs. The 21 teaching labs are active learning environments that accommodate a variety of teaching styles. Direct access to equipment in the robust prep and support spaces mean the labs can be less intensive. Not being hard-wired for one particular discipline allows labs to be easily reconfigured as the demands of disciplines change.

The project is part of the implementation of Shepley Bulfinch's 2010 campus master plan.

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  • Square Footage: 158,000 s.f.
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Shepley Bulfinch Team

William Riley
Tony Morra
Sara Elsa-Beech
Laurel Francke
Michael Harrison
Kalyn Pavlinic
Jay Verspyck
Jean Kim
Annie Reed
Michael de St Aubin
Anne Yong

"The Wall Center will enable the Davidson College community to collaborate in addressing the tough challenges we face as individuals, as a nation, and as the human family..."

Carole Quillen, President
Davidson College

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