Duke University, Link Teaching and Learning Center

Durham, NC | 2008

The Link Teaching and Learning Center is a part of the phased renovation to Perkins Library, providing Duke with an innovative, technology-rich academic environment. Taking advantage of existing space on the lower level of Perkins, the Link is a lab that expands the boundaries of the physical classroom, facilitating education in a flexible, collaborative setting rich with new media technology close to library resources. It is one that is fitting for Duke, a leader in the integration of technology resources, including the distribution of iPods to complement classroom learning. The Link provides classrooms, seminar rooms, and group study spaces equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual systems, flanked by interactive areas and the nearby IT helpdesk. The media wall at the Link entrance helps define the space and promotes technology as a valuable tool that fosters the exploration of innovative teaching and learning methods.

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The Link [Teaching and Learning Center] has changed the way folks think about the kinds of spaces Duke should have for teaching and learning, and how it can better promote collaboration among its students and others. Alumni who visit the Link tell us they wish it had been here when they were students, and other institutions have been asking us how to replicate it on their campuses.

Edward D Gomes, Jr
Associate Dean, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Office of Technology Services
Duke University

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