Duke University, Perkins Library and von der Heyden Pavilion

Durham, NC | 2005

Working with Duke University over the last eight years, Shepley Bulfinch has completed the program, planning, design, and construction for a multiphased designed an expansion and renovation, of the Perkins Library. The original library was designed in 1928, with successive expansions in 1948 and 1968, all reflecting the Gothic tradition of Duke. This design repositions the Library as the centerpiece of a dynamic learning and research community, creating a balance of spatial types and environments that will support the University’s evolving needs and uses. It redefines the research and learning environment by integrating library resources, services, and users in spaces commensurate with the expectation and quality of intellectual work at Duke. As the central library for the University, Perkins Library commands a place of prominence on the West Campus quad beside the Chapel. The Library addition responds positively to this historic context and contributes to the campus’s unique sense of place.

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Shepley Bulfinch Team

Geoffrey Freeman
Thomas Kearns
Janette Blackburn
Ray Warburton
Jan Heespelink
William Barry
Joseph Rondinelli
Alan Estabrook
Anthony Morra
Jonathan Betts
Bruce Cole
Alisa Churchill
John Fasano
Laurel Francke
Eric Einhorn
David Friedman
Lesia Ilnytzky
Claire Gilbert
Harold Hon
Andre Kamili
Kenneth Guditz
Melanie Kiihn
Larry Kain
Jay Lee
Shaun Landon
Erik Lawrence
Kim Markert
Mark McCarthy
Glenn Pacheco
Omayra Rivera-Crespo
William Reddick
Karl Viksnins
Hai Wang
Son Wooten
Yeho Yin
Alison Rosa
James Kitt
Christian Moneyhun

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