Duke University, The Edge - Ruppert Commons for Research, Technology and Collaboration

Durham, NC | 2014

The Edge (Ruppert Commons for Research, Technology, and Collaboration) provides access to research materials and technologies in an environment that fosters intensive interdisciplinary faculty and student research. Located in the Perkins Library complex, The Edge meets the demands of contemporary research with a variety of work spaces and technology resources that engage users, from quiet exploration to dynamic collaboration.

The open lab's flexible seating and mobile work walls support impromptu meetings and research consultations for faculty, students and librarians. Adjacent to the lab, assignable meeting rooms in a range of sizes host interdisciplinary research groups for longer-term projects. A large workshop accommodates The Edge's diverse user populations, structured to host classes, charettes, and presentations, and supported by project breakout spaces and a zone for more social interaction.

Of critical importance is access to technology-rich tools. The Edge, which offers a variety of lendable technology for group use, is also home for the Library's Data Visualization Lab, providing access to unique software and training that supports data-driven research. Nearby, new technology resources will be tested in a 'digital studio.'

The/Edge is located on the first floor of Bostock Library, which Shepley Bulfinch completed in 2005, close to the Link Teaching and Learning Center (2008) and the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library (2015).

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Shepley Bulfinch Team

Sara DiNoto
Kristie Avery
Eric Haggstrom

"As higher education evolves, libraries must also evolve to remain the vital center of intellectual life. We must expand our role as a partner in innovation by providing spaces, services, and materials that act as catalysts for experimentation and originality."

- "Coming soon to Bostock Library: The Research Commons," Duke Libraries Magazine, Spring 2014

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