Harvard Business School, Gallatin Hall

Boston, MA | 2008

The renovation and restoration of Gallatin Hall is a central element of Harvard Business School?s update and expansion of on-campus student housing alternatives. The original two-story dining room has been converted from office space to the new house lounge. It opens to the redesigned accessible courtyard that was an integral component of the original McKim/Olmsted open space system, but had limited universal access to the building.

This sustainable renovation is LEED Gold Certified, and features a sophisticated building management system with information ported to a building "dashboard" giving residents real-time feedback on energy usage. Other sustainable strategies include improvements to the exterior envelope, use of rapidly renewable and high recycled content products, retention of embodied building energies through reuse of over 95% of the structural components, and recycling of over 95% of construction waste.

Gallatin Hall fact sheet - sustainability


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