Johns Hopkins University, Hackerman Hall (Computational Sci & Engineering) and Mason Hall

Baltimore, MD | 2007

The Decker Quadrangle serves as a new front door to Johns Hopkins.

The expansion of the Homewood campus, defined by the new Decker Quadrangle, Hackerman Hall (Computational Science and Engineering), and Mason Hall Visitors Center (2007), puts technology-rich learning at the heart of the historic campus. The new quad re-establishes the campus' distinctive architectural style while providing modern facilities for this research-rich institution.

The 75,000 s.f. Hackerman Hall's transparency and open plan encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, while 27,000 s.f. Mason Hall defines the gateway to the campus. The Quadrangle's central lawn offers outdoor social space while concealing a 600-space underground parking garage.

The completion of Brody Learning Commons in 2012 reinforced the role of the Eisenhower Library as the University's major research library and intellectual hub, with access to special collections and spaces for research and collaboration. These projects are part of the implementation of Shepley Bulfinch's master plan for this part of the Homewood campus.

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Creating a
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  • Square Footage: 102,000 s.f.
  • Construction Cost: $58,000,000
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Shepley Bulfinch Team

Stephen Erwin
Thomas Kearns
Patricia DeLauri
Karen Estabrook
Laurel Francke
Matt Gifford
Susan Hoadley
Andre Kamili
Eric Lawrence
Mikko Laukkanen
Alison Martin
Christian Moneyhun
Mariana Monfeld
Tony Morra
Nomusa Ndbele
Joe Rondinelli
Adam Smith
Russ Tremaine
Steve Valenti
Ray Warburton
Carole Wedge



  • 2007 Craftsmanship Award, Masonry Institute of Maryland

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