Lovett School, Portman Family Middle School

Atlanta, GA | 2009

The LEED Gold certified Portman Family Middle School supports the Lovett School’s commitment to the environment while serving as a teaching tool for sustainable design. Its garden roof is an interactive learning space with native plants fed by a rainwater-fed runnel carrying water through the garden to a cistern below. Waterless urinals and dual flush toilets further support water conservation. The energy-efficient building has daylight sensors, solar hot water, and a high-performance exterior envelope. Students can view the building’s energy consumption on a monitor and learn about its sustainable features from a series of plaques. The School provides Smartboard-equipped classrooms and labs, as well as a multi-purpose room, double-height drama space, an IT lab, and collaborative study rooms. The building begins Phase II of the master plan, prepared by the Shepley Bulfinch. In 2003 the firm completed the Upper and Lower Schools in Phase I.

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Portman Middle School - sustainable attributes
On Middle Ground: Plans for Lovett's New Middle School


  • Square Footage: 75,000 s.f
  • Construction Cost: $22.17 m

Shepley Bulfinch Team

Elise Woodward
Alexander Howe
Jon Ross
Jeanne Carey
Danilo Salive
Julio Guevara
Corina Martinez
Claude Greenberg
Jeff Leupold
Kerstin Dorbert
Khalil Pirani
Robyn Whittier
Greta Eckhardt
Courtney Conklin
Mark Stafford
Natalie Pohlman
Ramona Lowery
Melissa Cooper
Laurel Francke
Jonathan Shadmon

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