Marquette University, Ray and Kay Eckstein Hall, Marquette Law School

Milwaukee, WI | 2010

Eckstein Hall creates a new campus portal and advances Marquette’s aspiration for a law school that ranks among the best in the country. The Hall offers a physical metaphor for the University’s emphasis on civic leadership, public service, and the common good and, with it, the clarity and accessibility of learning and the law itself. Its innovative glass wall construction makes visible the building’s activities to the public and passersby, while columns revealed behind the glass and the structure’s brick base emphasize the building’s stature and verticality. The design emphasizes the building as a complete learning environment that seamlessly integrates the prominently sited library and its two-story reading room with instructional spaces. Among its facilities are two courtrooms, a conference center, and cafe. Eckstein Hall was designed by Shepley Bulfinch with Opus Architects and Engineers, using a design-build delivery model. The project is LEED Silver certified.

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Dedication ceremony coverage
Library Without Borders - AALL Spectrum, May 2011


  • Square Footage: 200,000 sf
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Shepley Bulfinch Team

Alexander Adamick
Ellen Altman
Kelly Brubaker
Alex Bushkoff
Mark Coleman
Sara DiNoto
Carissa Donsker
Alan Estabrook
Megan Hart
Andrea Hsu
James Hunnewell
Ralph Jackson
Larry Kain
Juann Khoory
Steven Kosilla
Keng Liu
Loren McAllister
Christian Moneyhun
Nomusa Ndebele
Kalyn Pavlinic
Shonali Rajani
Joseph Rondinelli
Juan Ruiz-Hau
David Sanders
Kevin Triplett
Carole Wedge
Ashley Wright

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