North Shore Medical Center, Spaulding Renovation for Inpatient Psych

Salem, MA | 2018

The North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) is consolidating its hospital-based medical, surgical, and behavioral health services on its Salem Hospital campus to create a regional facility for complex inpatient and emergency care. The 118,000 square foot expansion and 123,000 square foot renovation of an adjacent hospital building will deliver patient-centered care, expand access to community-based care, and maximize connectivity to enhance overall health and wellness. The project will include new construction of an Emergency Department and two medical-surgical floors that contain 48 private patient rooms, and renovation work includes 120 behavioral health beds for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. A new front entrance, drop-off area and main lobby are included in the design to create a new front door for the hospital that is highly visible from the street and is easily accessible by visitors. With this work, NSMC will be able to expand its reach by offering more extensive outpatient community-based services, providing local families with more accessible and effective health care resources for years to come. The project goal is to create a strong regional hospital that balances the needs of teaching and resident programs, patients, families, and staff, while providing a safe and comfortable environment for all.


  • Square Footage: 224,000

Shepley Bulfinch Team

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