Partners In Health, Center of Excellence for Rehabilitation and Education

St. Marc, Haiti | 2013

As Haiti's first universally accessible rehabilitation facility in the Ministry of Health system, this rehabilitation and education center establishes new national standards for rehabilitative care.

Located on a highly constrained site on the grounds of Saint Nicolas Hospital in St Marc, Haiti, the two-story facility addresses immediate and long-term demand for rehabilitation services in central Haiti while dignifying and normalizing the experience of living with disabilities.

A gymnasium for physical therapy is the facility's centerpiece and a central element in the natural ventilation system. An integrated ramp which wraps the building on three sides making patients' rehabilitation progress visible to one another while providing training and access to the building's second floor in a country where mechanical systems such as elevators are not reliable. A culturally appropriate simulated home environment incorporates local cooking and bathing practices. The building, which integrates local craftsmanship in the design aesthetic, is earthquake and hurricane resistant.

Shepley Bulfinch led the design and programming for the facility as a collaborative pro bono project for Partners In Health with Partners HealthCare and Spaulding Rehabilitation Network.

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June 2011 project launch - design presentation


  • Square Footage: 6750 sf

Shepley Bulfinch Team

Uma Ramanathan
Jay Verspyck
Melissa Cooper
Nilay Deshmukh
Rosie Weinberg
Martha Rothman

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