Princeton University, Firestone Library

Princeton, NJ | 2015

This complex renovation breathes new life into one of Princeton's most iconic buildings and its main humanities and social sciences research library, updating Firestone Library's aging infrastructure and reorganizing the library to meet contemporary academic research demands. The renovation upgrades building systems; secures and preserves high-value collections; and improves circulation and functionality throughout the 1948 building and its several additions.

The design facilitates the reorganization of the collections and supports the concept of making them visible on all floors. The project balances openness and protection, locating reader seats and open carrels with access to general collections and natural light while siting special collections securely below grade in climate-controlled vaults. New infrastructure, including energy-efficient HVAC systems, is threaded through the structurally constrained building.

The library is remaining open throughout the phased multi-year renovation.

This project follows Shepley Bulfinch's 1997 reading room renovation and 2005 library master plan. The firm is the architect of record, in association with design partner Frederick Fisher and Partners.

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Fortifying the humanities and Princeton's soul - Princeton Alumni Weekly


  • Square Footage: 425,000 s.f.

Shepley Bulfinch Team

Jonathan Baron
Joe Bille
Janette Blackburn
John Christiansen
Courtney Conklin-Kresel
Lauren Deck
Aisha Densmore-Bey
Jason Donahue
Allan Donnelly
Greta Eckhardt
Sara Elsa-Beech
Nat Finley
Laurel Francke
Tom Frohlichstein
Franziska Garcia
Elaine Garrett
Claude Greenberg
Julio Guevara
Chris Hillebrand
Adam Holmes
Caroline Hughes
Ralph Jackson
Courtney Janes
Tad Jusczyk
Krassi Kaltchev
Jean Kim
Emma Nishimoto
Kristina Osborn
Glenn Pacheco
Hyeonjoo Park
Jenny Pennell
Kate Peppard
Rebecca Rahmlow
Michelle Sheehan
Whitney Sisto
Peter Terrat
Ian Toeg
Scott Ward
Carole C. Wedge
Robyn Whittier
Larry Wolters
Jian Ye
Jenn Zagarella

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