Private Owner, Residence

Phoenix, AZ | 2014

Located in the Phoenix foothills, this private residence conveys a sense of discovery and returns a previously developed suburban lot to the context of its natural desert environment.

Linked by a low ribbon wall, the 4,100 s.f. residence and its 450 s.f. detached guest house are composed to convey the sense of a series of connected forms. Sited to follow the path of the sun as it tracks over the Valley, the residence offers an intimate experience of the desert floor and a sense of place and permanence in the ancient landscape. The main dwelling frames a courtyard filled with lush desert vegetation that is fed by harvested water.

On arrival, the visitor experiences layers of thresholds through a desert landscape and a perforated masonry wall that only allows glimpses into the home. The entirety of the residence is revealed only from its south lawn, after passing from the north entry through the main living space and looking back. Cantilevered stairs to second-floor flex room open up to mountain vistas toward Piestewa Peak, framed by a 24-foot tall glass portal. Materials include concrete walls and glass exterior with zinc cladding.


  • Square Footage: 4,550 s.f.

Shepley Bulfinch Team

Joe Herzog
Jonah Busick
Ryan Grabe

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