Saint Peter's University, MacMahon Student Center

Jersey City, NJ | 2013

Located in the dense urban fabric of Jersey City, the new MacMahon Center is a landmark for the Saint Peter’s campus and a gateway to the community.

The Center provides a crossroads for the College’s large population of commuter students in both traditional and adult undergraduate programs. The building creates a sense of arrival on campus, the large windows of its welcoming ground floor engaging the streetscape. The Center accommodates a wide range of services, with retail space, fitness center, and two-level dining facility, as well as the Jesuit school’s campus ministry. The sixth floor offers views of lower Manhattan across the Hudson.

Program requirements, as well as budget and site constraints, mean that the space is organized into a cube. To break down the cube’s uniformity each level takes on a unique form that defines and enhances its function and provides orientation to visitors as they move through the building.

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  • Square Footage: 84,000 s.f.
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