Teachers College, Columbia University, Learning Theater

New York, NY | 2016

The Learning Theater transforms the Gottesman Libraries' fourth floor into a dynamic prototyping lab for developing and testing new ways of teaching and learning.

The versatile space adapts easily to provide a multitude of teaching and learning environments that provide a platform for experiential research in new pedagogies. The "black box" space is a canvas for users in which mobile space dividers, robust AV technologies, and wirelessly controlled theatrical lighting let them create a wide range of simulation environments. Sophisticated projection, streaming, and recording technologies promote opportunities for distance learning and collaboration. The Learning Theater is separated from its reception area by frameless, pivoting glass doors that can be projected on when closed, their surface used for display while offering glimpses of the activity within.

The design of the Learning Theater included extended and inclusive stakeholder engagement with the college community, developing use scenarios and the spaces that might support them. Its creation is the latest in a series of teaching and learning space projects for Teachers College in the course of a 15-year relationship.

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Learning Theater Trailer, Spring 2016


  • Square Footage: 10,000

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