Univ of Arizona Medical Center - Univ Campus, Surgical Services and Radiology Renovation

Tucson, AZ | 2013

The phased renovations of the Medical Center's Surgical Services and Radiology Departments optimizes departmental functionality, incorporates the latest surgical, interventional imaging, and general radiology technologies, and meets near-term space demands in ways that do not preclude future growth.

As long-term planning strategies are refined, vital elements of key departments are being renovated. For Surgical Services, this includes creation of two hybrid operating rooms; new pre-op and recovery space; a new pediatric procedure room; expanded waiting and support functions; and significant infrastructure improvements. For the Radiology department, the scope includes replacement of two MRI units, with new control space; replacement of two CT units, and the development of a near-term project phasing plan for the comprehensive five-year renovation of the entire radiology department. The surgery project is phased to ensure that all existing operating rooms remain functional during construction. Phased radiology department renovations allow continued inpatient access while temporarily redirecting outpatients to the hospital's other facilities.

While improving functionality, the renovations also separate inpatient and outpatient access to diagnostic and treatment space and improve pediatric patient flow. A major challenge of the work is balancing the investment and requirements of immediate solutions in extremely limited space with longer-term issues of relocation and departmental adjacencies once significant additional space is made available.


  • Square Footage: 50,000 s.f.

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