University of California, Riverside, Genomics Building

Riverside, CA | 2009

This high-intensity multidisciplinary facility advances the pioneering research of the University’s Institute of Integrative Genome Biology. The building is designed as an expression of scientific discovery, shifting away from orthogonal patterns and using variety to express the nature of discovery within. With a bioinformatics suite, research labs and instrumentation facilities including insectaries and growth chambers, the building serves more than 200 faculty, researchers, and graduate and post-doctoral students. Its dynamic environment supports the development of new products such as medicinal plants, stress-resistant crops, and disease-resistant animals. A 100-seat auditorium adjacent to a landscaped plaza will host lectures, campus events, and national conferences. Shepley Bulfinch is the design architect in association with RBB Architects of Los Angeles.

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Professor Natasha Raikhel on Genomics Building


  • Square Footage: 106,000

Shepley Bulfinch Team

Ralph Jackson
Elise Woodward
Lesia Iinytzky
Joseph Bille
Kenneth Guditz
Charulata Kokate
Juann Khoory
Robyn Whittier
Jiawei Wu
Peter Bracciotti
Hannah Carlton
Claude Greenberg
Michelle Sheehan

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