University of Michigan Health System, University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center

Ann Arbor, MI | 2007

The Cardiovascular Center (CVC) provides integrated cardiovascular clinical care while supporting the University’s medical education and research missions. The Center was designed to create an inclusive learning and healing environment for patients, visitors, and medical staff; and to make connections through medicine, art, and the natural world.

One of its most striking features is a five-story, glass-enclosed atrium, with a winter garden and "heart healthy" cafe, and which becomes a meeting place for faculty, staff, and patients. Access to outdoor gardens, an auditorium and a patient library emphasize the Center’s focus on teaching and learning.

Skybridges and tunnels connect the CVC to University Hospital and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. To make the building more approachable, only its upper three stories are visible from the street.

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