Xavier University, Conaton Learning Commons and Williams College of Business

Cincinnati, OH | 2010

Conaton Learning Commons and Smith Hall at the Williams College of Business transform Xavier's learning environment while defining Hoff Academic Quad and creating a campus gateway. Energy-efficient features and sustainable materials demonstrate Xavier's commitment to a campus that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

The Williams College of Business' 88,000 s.f. Smith Hall is a technology-rich environment emphasizing innovative programming and integration with the business community. The open layout emphasizes collaborative work areas such as the trading room and business center as important assets.

Adjoining the University's main library, the 84,500 s.f. Conaton Learning Commons' service model reaches beyond the integration of library and technology support with a range of faculty and student development centers, including career services, international student services, academic skills and community engagement, and the Center for Teaching Excellence. Co-locating faculty development facilities and technology support creates a shared learning experience for students and teachers, complemented by a 200-seat auditorium and gallery. The project is being completed in association with MSA Architects of Cincinnati.

The two buildings, supported by a new central utility plant, follow recommendations made in Shepley Bulfinch's 2007 Master Plan.

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Time-lapse construction video
Hoff Academic Quad dedication, September 2010
Xavier alumni magazine, Fall 2010


Shepley Bulfinch Team

Janette Blackburn
Alex Bushkoff
Jim Chambers
John Christiansen
Tara Dirrane
Greta Eckhardt
Stephen Erwin
Matthew Gifford
Adam Holmes
Stephanie Jaeger
Krassimir Kaltchev
Andre Kamili
Susan Laferriere
Shaun Landon
Michael Lencioni
Kristen Moorhead
James Newton
Nomusa Ndebele
Khalil Pirani
Jennifer Radicella
Shonali Rajani
Joseph Rondinelli
David Sanders
Yael Getz Schoen
Jesse Taylor
Chanpreya Thou
Robyn Whittier

"Most buildings are designed for students and faculty. The main difference with [Smith Hall] is it will bring in the business community. When those three stakeholders interact, good things happen."
Dean Ali Malekzadeh, Williams College of Business, "Williams College building reshapes campus gateway,"? Cincinnati Business Courier, 22 January 2010

"The Hoff Quad... is not only transforming Xavier's campus but transforming how our students learn in and outside of the classroom."
- Garry Massa, Vice President of University Relations, Hoff Academic Quad dedication, September 2010

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