Xavier University, Residence Hall and Dining Commons

Cincinnati, OH | 2011

Fenwick Place and Hoff Dining Commons provide Xavier with a 535-bed residence hall and central dining facility that creates a social hub at the heart of the campus and responds to the university’s strategic decision to increase undergraduate enrollment.

The complex functions on a series of scales, providing campus-wide dining while creating a series of smaller residential communities of 4-, 6-, and 8-person suites within Fenwick Place’s four wings. Each wing has a distinct identity while presenting as a unified whole. The wings are linked by bridges and share a central lobby with Hoff Dining Commons. This 700-seat dining facility features a platform servery and views of the central campus, as well as a 100-seat retail component. Located on a sloping site, Hoff Commons lies partly beneath Fenwick Place’s first floor, its roof providing the residence hall with a grassy terrace.

Shepley Bulfinch sited the building in its 2007 master plan as an edge to the Hoff Academic Quad, giving the precinct a social hub and a continuation of Xavier’s signature park-like landscape.

The project was completed in association with MSA Architects of Cincinnati.

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Dedication day video - September 2011


  • Square Footage: 245,000 s.f.
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Shepley Bulfinch Team

Tom Kearns
Steve Erwin
David Paarz
Erin Cusker
Mike Lencioni
Claire Gilbert
Claude Greenberg
Joe Rondinelli
Tara Dirrane
Mark Finneral
Ken Guditz
Ben Herter
Greta Eckhardt
Caroline Hughes
Anne-Marie Hodges
Gina Poppe
Jesse Taylor
Ashley Wright

"[This] shows that the university care about students: not just their schooling, but every aspect of living on a college campus."

- Fenwick Place student resident

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