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With Design Research and evidence-based design we use data analysis to verify what our century of design experience has long told us: good design has a powerful impact. With this data we can quantify that impact, enabling us to make design decisions that will have a positive influence on safety, outcomes and satisfaction; recruitment, retention, and performance; and market, financial, and strategic position. We believe that the evidence-based design movement has contributed to the more thoughtful allocation of resources during the planning and design process and aided owners and architects in establishing the criteria for design decisions.

We believe one of the responsibilities of the architect is to lead the owner through the body of available research and evidence so that they may determine for themselves how to evaluate design options in their project.

Shepley Bulfinch's Director of Design Research, Dr. Mardelle Shepley (no relation to the firm namesake), conducts and reviews literature searches and assists design teams in maintaining an up-to-date status list of research findings.

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