Inside out: Designing the new clinical tower for Boston Children's

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Virtual Reality (VR)
VR gives us the ability to offer clients a familiar language for understanding design, beyond the interpretation of 2D drawings or 3D models. Shepley Bulfinch has been an early adopter of VR technologies, building and refining our in-house capacity, rolling it out in our project work, and sharing it with selected clients as an element of the design process.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
BIM helsp designers and clients visualize concepts in the early phases of a project, while identifying and clarifying construction challenges as designs are refined. BIM enables a more efficient design process than 2D documents and is essential in designing buildings with unconventional design elements such as curved walls. Using BIM, the design team can illustrate the complexity of the building form and share the model with structural engineers and other consultants to ensure a fully integrated design.

3D Renderings
From simple concept models and wireframes to high-quality marketing and fundraising renderings, our range of solutions and techniques are highly adaptable and customizable.

Model Shop and 3D Prototyping Lab
Our experienced team of professional model-makers supports design teams throughout the creative process. They use traditional modeling skills, advanced machining techniques, and laser-cutting technology to create a wide variety of model types for workshops, user group meetings, and development.

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