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Continued evolution

by Carole Wedge
As architects and designers, it’s in our DNA to constantly explore and imagine what’s possible. During the past year and a half, we turned the lens of curiosity on ourselves to reimagine our visual identity and uncover the distinctive qualities that make Shepley Bulfinch unique. What did we discover?

We are sincere collaborators with our clients, our teams, and our communities. We are boundless problem solvers who realize the immense responsibility of creating places and buildings that positively impact how people live, heal, learn, and work together. And we are challengers of convention who are driven to design beyond what’s expected.

We believe in the power of imagination, and are thrilled to continue building ideas, together. Here are just a few thoughts from some of the Bulfinches involved in the exciting 18-month process.

Being bold, being true

Driven by the need to not only update our website, but also to reveal and take ownership of our present-day identity, our brand refresh has accomplished much more. Through this process, we were forced to zoom out and look at ourselves from every perspective. Our refreshed brand pays homage to the Shepley Bulfinch legacy, boldly calling attention to our long-standing success as design leaders and change makers, in a contemporary way that connects today’s firm culture. It also establishes a modern value proposition for Bulfinches nationwide to stand behind and push ahead. It is bold. It is authentic. And, it is aspirational. It is Shepley Bulfinch. – Joe Herzog, Bulfinch

Connecting the squares

Our brand is a living persona that introduces Shepley Bulfinch to our communities. This is our next evolution, and it was created from a process of reflection and projection to amplify our strengths and connect to our culture. Our former Shepley Blue has matured to reflect our growth and experience, while our creativity and boldness is accentuated with a pop of yellow. Similarly, our modernized Shepley Bulfinch logo frames our vibrant future as an established architecture firm in a forward, playful way. – Andre Kamili, Bulfinch

Being a Bulfinch

To tell the story of Shepley Bulfinch—one that is long, and ever-inspired—we needed to evaluate who we are today. Through an honest, collaborative self-assessment, we found that Shepley Bulfinch is who we’ve always been: adventurous idea seekers and change-makers who push design boundaries in anticipation of what’s possible. Our former brand didn’t fully tell that story. Today, we’re proud to reintroduce our ambitious nature to the world through a collective Bulfinch voice and sophisticated visual identity that authentically represents who we are. – Jennifer D. Wells, Bulfinch

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