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Exploring greener design pastures

by Sarah Bousquet

The wait is over. Greenbuild and ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) 2017 are here—lucky for us, quite literally in our Boston office’s backyard. Combining events for the first time, we’re thrilled to join thousands of green building cohorts from across industries and around the globe to elevate design through shared principles and practices. Here are just of few of the conversations we’re looking forward to:

Immersive visualization
As technology advances, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tools are increasingly valuable to design. We’re trading notes and demos with peers and partners to uncover how different firms are utilizing VR and AR to enhance communication and the design process. VR/AR Demonstration Booth .

Design as medicine
What are the biggest challenges prompting our current healthcare crisis, and what role does design play in motivating people to make healthy decisions? Our own Sonja Bochart, principal, and Lauren Janney, principal strategist at Lens—a creative consulting studio of Shepley Bulfinch—with co-presenters Julie Janiski, associate principal of integrated design at BuroHappold Engineering, and Matthew Baral, professor and chair of pediatric medicine at SCNM, will lead a progressive discussion on the upstream drivers of health, to look for design solutions in collaboration with medicine. Design as Medicine: Upstream Drivers of Health.

Firm photography that works
A picture’s worth a thousand words… if it’s the right shot. Learn how to put your firm’s photography to work and tell the right story with varied insights from four industry experts: Robert Benson, photographer at Robert Benson Photography, Susan Shelby, president & CEO at Rhino PR, Wendy Benson, studio manager at Robert Benson Photography, and Bulfinch Jennifer Wells, vice president of brand strategy at Shepley Bulfinch. Architectural Photography in the Marketer’s Toolkit.

Next-gen design culture
With 140-plus years under our belts, we’re no strangers to change. In fact, we embrace and encourage it. Hear about our evolution from a practice led by HH Richardson, to a male-dominated family firm, to today’s women-owned business. And, learn how to cultivate change for the better from four different Bulfinches’ perspectives—Carole Wedge, president, Candice Barter, associate & project manager, Lauren Perdue, vice president for human resources, and Luke Voiland, principal. Changing Firm Culture by Developing Next Generation.

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