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Making the case for sustainable design

by Carole Wedge

I recently led a panel discussion on the intersection of sustainability, the building industry, and the nuances that exist between the two. It’s so important to recognize not all members of the AEC industry—or our clients—have the same understanding of sustainable design.

To create sustainable-minded buildings, we, as designers, must first be able to communicate the relevance of sustainability to our colleagues, clients, and their organizations. This requires us to have a critical understanding of the technologies and strategies that exist—so we can perform and deliver a sustainable project—as well as push ourselves and others to visualize tomorrow’s solutions.

“At Shepley Bulfinch our projects embrace climate, context, and locality. We recognize that our individual projects influence broader systems of environment, place, culture, and economy.”

Carole Wedge, President, Shepley Bulfinch

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