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Meet Michael Poscovsky

Growing up in Sugarland and currently working in our Houston studio, Michael knows the Texas community. For years, he worked on the owner side, learning about client needs and further deepening his connections. When he’s not designing healthcare projects, Michael likes to enjoy University of Houston basketball and football games where he’s a season ticket holder (and proud alum).  

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Why architecture?  

I’ve always been interested in architecture, even when I was young. My brother and I used to build forts out of mattresses and rearrange furniture in our house. That’s where it started as a kid.  

Initially I wasn’t going into architecture. My family had a business in marketing and advertising so I started working there and quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I learned a lot though and it’s what pushed me to study architecture. There was a guy named Bruno who had been there for a long time. One day, he asked what I wanted to do, and I said architecture. He said what’s stopping you and right after that, I transferred to architecture school. I studied at the University of Houston, and while I was in school, one of my friends worked at a healthcare architecture firm. He had us build models for his work and eventually, when there were open jobs, the people he worked with asked him to bring over the students helping on these projects. During my senior year, I started working at a healthcare architecture firm.  

When the recession hit, I ended up on owner side, working at Schlumberger. This was a cool opportunity as I got to travel a lot to places like Alaska and Argentina. I worked on all different project types including chemistry buildings, labs, and office facilities. I was on the owner side for 5 ½ years – during this time, I learned what owners look for and what’s important to them. It was an eye-opening experience. And then in 2015, I joined Shepley. 

What have been pivotal learning experiences throughout your career? 

Early on I worked with a difficult senior project architect who really just liked challenging people for the sake of it. This taught me how to not treat people and shaped my outlook on working with team members. There’s a way to mentor people that’s beneficial.  

During my time on the Architecture for Health AIA Houston committee, I also really saw the impact you can have on people’s career development. When I was the chair, I changed program formats to focus on introducing architecture students to health design/architecture. As we were reviewing survey responses from the design charrette event, a student noted they were actually going to leave architecture until the participating in the design charrette had changed their mind. To me, that was pretty impactful.  

What do you envision for the future? What do you hope to see – for the industry and yourself? 

I think utilizing data is going to be the future of architecture. Not just retaining data but using it in real time to help us make informed decisions on systems and assemblies. Clients want to see us as a resource. They want a design partner who can provide up-to-date information and market trends to help inform decisions, which could mean not renovating or designing a new project. We have so much data that informs trends we’re seeing. In the future, I hope to see this process more streamlined.  

For myself, I want to continue being more connected to the Houston market and trends. Working at Shepley’s Houston studio and having grown up here, I’m passionate about developing our connection to the community and being a resource locally.  

What do you do for fun?  

I like to play cards, exercise and see my friends and family – having grown up in Texas, everyone is pretty close by. For the past few years, I’ve been taking art classes too. Right now, I’m taking an intermediate drawing class. Previously, I’ve taken classes on sketching, ceramics, and oil painting. The goal is not really to be great at any particular media but is more about learning something new and exploring it. 

I also love going to the University of Houston basketball and football games. I have season tickets for both with prime views!  

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