Alexandra Patterson

VP, Marketing and BD

An architect by trade and a marketer by chance, I strive to build relationships by understanding and helping people. Architects build relationships on a building scale, crafted around the experiences we envision for the people who enter the space. Marketers build relationships through storytelling, crafted around how the space influences the experience. Both work on a human scale to create moments and experiences for their intended audience. It is at the intersection of these two fields that I find interest. 

I knew from a young age that that I wanted to be an architect, captivated by the ability to manipulate three-dimensional space. I design through the eyes of the individuals who encounter the space. After working as a junior designer for three years in Boston and overseas, I happened into the world of marketing at Shepley Bulfinch and have since stayed immersed in the industry. Business Development combines my design expertise and my innate curiosity to take a human-focused approach to the firm’s marketing strategy.