Angela Watson, FAIA

President and CEO

Modern architecture first caught my eye as a child in Germany. I noticed from a young age that these iconic buildings were too often torn down to make way for “new and improved” architecture. Finding a way to reimagine and save the modern designs of my youth impassioned me to become a designer.

Today, my appetite for creative problem-solving extends to my work in higher education and healthcare design. In both segments, the design must create a healthy environment for people, while addressing the facility’s impact on the larger community. I most enjoy collaborating with others to conceive relevant spaces that serve the goals of healing and wellness, evolving learning models, progressive technology, and changing delivery systems.

I recently realized my own modern miracle. My husband and I were presented with a “tear down”: The Chamberlain Cottage, a 600 sf weekend house designed by Marcel Breuer and Walter Gropius in 1939. We embarked on a three-year addition/restoration effort to create a comfortable home for our family and reestablish the integrity of the original building.

Additional projects