Carole Wedge, FAIA


Growing up, I had every intention of being a doctor. But as I slogged through pre-med math and science courses in college, I found myself becoming more drawn to art, photography, and other design-related subjects I had studied in high school.

Becoming an architect was absolutely the right choice for me, since it combines my diverse interests and passions. I have always found inspiration in drawing and invention, which I pair with my love of biology to explore and design sustainable solutions. I am also a pragmatist, and jump at every opportunity to better a situation, especially when I see the chance to improve systems or enrich the human condition.

I enjoy the challenge of every project—whether it’s creating a library that reinvigorates the heart of a college campus, or re-imagining what life sciences look like to advance efficiencies and innovation. As an architect, I think differently about the role of the building in creating community. Our clients know what kind of future they want to inhabit; our skills are in translating that into places and spaces that provide for their blue skies and more.

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