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Cathleen Lange, AIA


When I was 18, I was asked “what about architecture makes you mad?” My professor was startled at my answer: re-creations of the past. At the time, I didn’t really know why I disliked the idea of replication so much, but looking back, I think I just appreciate change.

I fell into healthcare design, and by week two realized just how special it really is after meeting with parents of pediatric ICU patients. I became fascinated by the many small, but crucial puzzle pieces that need to be arranged to achieve both function and comfort. I realized that if I liked change as a young architecture student, I found my calling as a healthcare architect.

Keeping pace with healthcare, not knowing what lies beyond the five-year horizon is a great motivator. In combination with the constant goal of transforming the patient experience, change gives me a purpose, ambition, and the certain knowledge that I will never get bored.

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