David Meek, Assoc. AIA


I’ve always been fascinated with how things work. When I was a kid, I broke my ankle at the opening of our neighborhood community pool. My parents wouldn’t pay the extra expense of a fiberglass cast, so I talked them into buying me grid paper instead. I remember making intricate designs as I was confined to nursing my ankle, then later took up technical drawing, and I have not stopped since. Tools may have changed, but I still like putting pen to paper. Drawing helps me discover all the parts and how they work together.

Planning healthcare facilities has been my passion and career focus for over 25 years. The places I find most exciting to design are medical centers that pioneer new medical procedures and processes, that break boundaries. They are dynamic and complex environments looking to become more progressive and accommodating spaces. At every institution I’ve worked, the most interesting challenge has been to grasp the culture and mission and to help propel them forward in concrete and tangible ways. I’ve been fortunate to design alongside some of the brightest doctors, the sharpest clinical teams, and the most effective administrators who run these facilities.

What is a fulfilling project? One that allows me to get a deep understanding of the needs of all the stakeholders and then craft a thoughtful and timeless design in response. My design philosophy is: I want to be one step ahead. That’s my goal.

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